Cramlington – St Nicholas


It was ages ago when I visited Cramlington for a meeting (so long since I have blogged that wordpress have changed the way the website looks). Normally the church is locked. The village centre is quite old and attractive – they started building the new town in the 1960s. Pevsner says that “the huge area of c1961-1980 low-rise housing is of the normal type … no better and no worse than many others of this time” and the most recent buildings are the most interesting, especially “the British Gas Line Inspection Dept of 1979”. If you are sad there is no photo of this on my blog, get in touch and I’ll see what I can arrange!Image

The church of St Nicholas – NZ267769 – has a huge graveyard. It also has a huge noticeboard (but a bit of checking would have been nice – some commas, fullstops (or not), capital J for jesus … – and, if you only let couples book their weddings for 1/2 hour on a Wednesday, do they not go elsewhere?). They have a very good website – Pevsner only gives the church 5 lines – “1868 by Austin and Johnson, quite a proud church in a free E.E. style, the design said to have been adapted from one by Dobson.”












I like this memorial tablet – but I can’t get a small photo put at the side of the text. This is a fun hatchment too. There is a lot of nice Victorian stained glass.



The church itself is large and airey, nice chandeliers. The East End is a mess – in their defence I think it is because they are repairing/rebuilding the organ.


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